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Tool machines

Background and description of the project

In 2014, after the analysis carried out with our major suppliers, we started a new project, which was strongly requested by our clients. This project consisted in marketing 3- and 5-axis machining centres under our SEEBECK brand.

In 2015, this project led SEEBECK to Portugal, Spain, and Taiwan, where we selected and started importing only the best mechanical structures from our new foreign partners.

Once these structures arrive in Italy, we implement all the technological electronic, hydraulic, and pneumatic parts of the CNC.

This process guarantees the availability of spare parts and quality, as any detail of the machine is known in-depth and be controlled better.

controlli numerici primari fagor01

Choosing the primary CNC equipment

Heidenhain and FAGOR

SEEBECK consolidates the work carried out in 10 years with Heidenhain Group and offers Heidenhain CNC and the new FAGOR 8065M, which replaces the old Selca, in its machining centres.

Background …. ..SEEBECK AND FAGOR …

FAGOR Automation specialises in the development and production of machinery control and automation. In particular, it focuses on the tool machinery industry.

The group is a world leader, since its commercial and technical network has an established presence in over 50 countries. FAGOR is part of Corporación MONDRAGON, the largest group in the Basque country and the seventh in Spain.


It consists of more than 260 companies and bodies divided into three areas: Financial, Industrial, and Distribution and it counts more than 85,000 employees.

The Fagor group invited SEEBECK to visit the Basque Country in 2015.

SEEBECK visited the development and production plant of CNCs, control drives, and motors, as well as the measuring system production plant.

This was a unique experience both under a human and professional point of view. During this visit, we could confirm the value of this project and the quality of the products, but we also appreciated the strict tests these products undergo before being distributed.

The next month, SEEBECK set up a meeting with its clients and FAGOR Italia group to present the new CNC, which drew a lot of interest and participation.

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Tool machines
Centro di lavoro a 3 assi - Kinetic 1820


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Centro di lavoro a 3 assi - Kinetic 1820