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Mechanical support


The thousands of problems we have faced with different multi-brand machines have allowed us to develop our know-how and strengthen profitable partnerships with Italian and international suppliers.

The twenty years of experience of our technicians guarantees correct diagnosis and quick solution of the mechanical faults that the machine may suffer.

Below, we provide some examples of the technical support we provide:

Assistenza meccanica macchine utensili

Maintenance on axis moving parts

How do we establish if a moving part of an axis needs to be repaired or undergo maintenance?

SEEBECK uses smart diagnostic systems, such as signal analysis via oscilloscope or far more complex systems, such as frequency vibration analysis via triaxial vibration sensors, which can process the acquired signals, identifying autonomously and unambiguously phenomena like wear, collisions, imbalance, and overload, thanks to different software.

Once the level of wear is established or the fault is detected, we replace the damaged part, restoring the correct preload and operation.

The electronic technician will recalibrate and reconfigure the axis.

We constantly overhaul the moving parts of the axis by providing and replacing components of any type or brand. We also overhaul ball screws in a short period of time and at affordable costs.

Overhauling electric spindle cartridges and heads

Thanks to the collaboration with highly specialised centres, SEEBECK can overhaul electric spindles for tool machinery and issue the final test certificate.

SEEBECK can overhaul or refurbish your spindle cartridges and heads for scheduled maintenance operations and emergency situations.

Revisioni Elettromandrini cartucce mandrino e teste
Manutenzioni sui gruppi di bilanciamento, gruppi idraulici e pneumatici

Maintenance on balancing, hydraulic and pneumatic units

SEEBECK can check the correct operation of the vertical axis balancing systems and, thus, find any fault on pressurised systems using special instruments.

Thanks to our suppliers, which we have selected based on the quality and quick delivery, we are able to supply any standard or custom hydraulic component.

We always supply pressurised components, such as accumulators, together with relative test report issued by the manufacturer.