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3-axis machining center KINETIC

Centro di lavoro a 3 assi - Kinetic 1820

Kinetic has superior performance on mating parts which
requires high spacial at accuracy.

By using Meehanite cast iron and double walls structure on
all Kinetic has superb rigidity. This high rigidity machine structure assures
hight accuracy, better surface finish, longer tool life, and longer machine life.

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Scrapping is spirit of a high accuracy machine, perfect flatness and straightness can be archived by skilled technicians’ meticulous scrapping.

Scrapping is applied on nearly all contact surface of the Kinetic. The scrapping places shown in yellow dots are contact surfaces between cast iron and blocks of linear ways, cast iron and ball screws nut, cast iron and ball screws bearing seats, spindle and head stock, base and column.

Table with double wall structure. double rigidity.
Kinetic uses double walls structure on all its major cast iron parts like base, table, column and head stock to assure hight rigidity.

Four heavy duty linear ways at Y axis, stable flatness accuracy
The flatness accuracy is an important foundation for rotationl accuracy like 4th and 5th rotatory tables

55 mm width linear ways with six blocks is applied at Z axis, high straightness accuracy

Column with special ribs formed like a tube, superb rigidity

Saddle with extra large distance of linear ways, smooth movement
This concept of extra large distance of linear ways is also applied on Y and Z axes.

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