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Electronic support


The thousands of problems we have faced with different multi-brand machines have allowed us to develop our know-how and strengthen profitable partnerships with Italian and international suppliers also in the field of machine command and control electronics.

The twenty years of experience of our technicians guarantees correct diagnosis and quick solution of the electronic faults that the machine may suffer.

Below, we provide some examples of the electronic support we provide:

Assistenza Elettronica macchine utensili

Measurement system maintenance or failures

“Machine alarms on measurement systems – defective axis measurement system – Axis transducer fault … “

How many times have these alarms triggered during the finishing or roughing process stopped the machine in emergency mode? How many times have you had to face problems during machine start up, as it was no longer capable of zeroing the axis position?

Establishing the failure beforehand is not an easy job…It could be a broken cable or a failure in the measurement system reader. The same measurement system could be broken due to the contamination of external agents, or there could be a failure on the CNC input.

SEEBECK uses Heidenhain’s diagnostic system (PWM9) to analyse all signals, such as widths, phase angles, and symmetry, and width and position reference signal of any measurement system with closed loop connection.

This way, we can perform a fast and accurate diagnosis.

Moreover, SEEBECK has all the expansion modules for the interface with all linear and angular measurement systems, including TTL – HTL – 1Vpp – 11uA – EnDat and Motor Resolver.

Motor- and Drive-related alarms and failures

“Machine alarms on converters/drives – I2t alarm … Motor Stop Control…”

SEEBECK can quickly establish the nature of the failure of the motor control circuit using state of the art instruments.

This analysis is carried out by means of an insulation tester, also known as MEGGER.

During preventive maintenance, insulation is measured with a megohmmeter, which analyses the causes of the insulation resistance’s low performance. This way, it is possible to start all the procedures to intervene on the motor.

Insulation defects can be divided into five groups, which indicate the risk of downtime based on the severity level:

Electrical stress:
Mainly related to overvoltage and undervoltage.

Mechanical stress:
Mainly detected during start and stop operations. It is caused by balancing defects of the rotary machines and all the stress they are subject to.

Chemical or environmental stress:
Material insulation performance is jeopardised by the presence of chemicals, oils, corrosive vapours, and dust depending on the materials processed in the machine and/or use of aggressive coolants. The presence of mould and the assembly of motors in humid and hot environments help deteriorate the insulation features.

Stress related to temperature variation:
During mechanical stress resulting from the equipment start/stop sequences, extreme temperatures cause dilatations and/or contractions, which jeopardise the insulation features causing early ageing.

Analisi degli azionamenti

Drive analysis

This analysis and the motor and connection cable analyses are always carried out simultaneously.

In these cases, we use instruments, such as testers with diode check and/or oscilloscopes.

Once the faulty module is analysed and defined, SEEBECK can provide the new module within the next 24 hours, regardless of the model (SIEMENS – HEIDENHAIN – SELCA – FAGOR – ECS) or repair any module.

In the event the customer requires a replacement, SEEBECK can replace the obsolete drive modules with new models.

Replacing CNC monitors

Thanks to the collaboration with our partners, we at SEEBECK can provide several original or mechanically and electronically compatible (plug and play) models to replace the monitor on almost any CNC.

Manutenzioni ed Upgrade dei CNC - assistenza-elettronica-4-1

CNC maintenance and upgrade

Thanks to the collaboration with the most important electronic component brands, SEEBECK can provide support and perform upgrade operations on CNCs.

We have successfully revamped and upgraded old Heidenhain 155-355 controls with the new Heidenhain 320 or the obsolete Selca S1200 with S4000R. We have also performed simple upgrade operations from S3040 controls to the new S4000R.

Upgrade of Heidenhain’s TNC 155 control to the new Heidenhain’s TNC 320

Upgrade of S1200 control to the new S4000R.

We have an electronic boards storage for Selca S3000 and S4000 controls.

Any failure on a Selca control is generally detected and solved within a few hours.

We also loan forklift boards to repair and/or replace the client’s faulty boards.

SEEBECK stores several SelBOX handwheels to immediately replace the client’s faulty one or loan it while the client’s one is being repaired.